Associate Teacher

Full Time

Website Alison Murphy

·        Assist co-teacher in planning and implementing weekly, monthly, and yearly classroom curriculum and activities. ·        Strong ability to work effectively and support members of the team. ·        Supervise children in care, ensuring safety and respect. ·        Clean the classroom daily, following the Center and NH state guidelines. ·        Tone keep in the classroom daily, through modeling appropriate behavior and redirection, when necessary. ·        Maintain at least 18 hours of professional development, seeking out opportunities when necessary. ·        Follow all applicable regulations and procedures regarding health and safety of children. ·        Maintain CPR and First Aid certification. ·        Participate in parent-teacher conferences, when necessary. ·        Attend all open house, curriculum night and other special events.EXPERIENCE: (As required by the NH State Child Care Licensing Bureau) ·        Shall be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma; and meet one of the following options. 1.      Have documentation of successful completion of at least 9 credits in Early Childhood Education, including at least one 3 credit course in child growth and development from a regionally accredited college. 2.      A minimum of 1,000 hours of supervised child care experience in a child care program, and knowledge of child growth and development obtained through: a. Completion of a high school level 2-year career and technical education course in teacher education; b. A 3-credit college course in child or human growth and development; c. 30 hours of continuing education units in child growth and development, granted by an accredited college or university or an authorized provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training; or d. Documented life experience, not less than 2 years, including experience with the same age children the associate teacher supervises, such as a family child care provider, service as a foster parent, work as a school teacher, work as a camp counselor and experience as a group leader for children in sports or other activities, such as scouts or little league, or closely related experience. A minimum of 1000 hours of supervised childcare experience in a licensed child care program and documentation of successful completion of a 2 year vocational child care course; 3.      Current certification as para II educator by the department of education; or 4.      Written documentation from or on file with the department that she or he was qualified and employed as an associate teacher on or before the date of the adoption of the licensing rules on 11/6/2017.   PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: Work may require hand dexterity for office machine operation, stooping, bending, mobility to complete errands or sitting for extended periods of time.  Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 50 pounds. ENVIRONMENTAL/WORKING CONDITIONS: Involves frequent contact with parents/family members and daily interactions with children.  May require assisting young children with toileting.


Assist co-teacher in designing age appropriate works and planning curriculum for the assigned age group.

Actively engage with children in their activities, when necessary.

Encourage the development of emerging self-help skills.

Maintain a clean classroom environment, following the lead teacher’s directives as well as state guidelines.