ARPA S/CRRSA/CCDF Discretionary Quality Incentive/NHEYP Funding Recipients

Dear ARPA S/CRRSA/CCDF DISCRETIONARY QUALITY INCENTIVE/NHEYP Funding Recipients. Please find the detailed memo regarding the reporting process. It includes:

  1. Reporting requirements and due dates for each report;
  2. Dates, times and how to register for the live webinars and virtual office hours;
  3. How to access all the necessary resources and support to get your reports done;
  4. How to request a copy of your various reports and applications (although you will not need them to complete your reports);
  5. What will be included in your customized financial information and grant checklist.
  6. Scope of questions and answers.

Take the time to review the information, especially the due dates, training and office hour dates, and registration; and the FINAL REPORT HELP DESK link we have created to support your efforts.

Thanks so much for your patience,

Dianne Chase and the BCDHSC Team