Enrolling as a Provider to Accept the NH Child Care Scholarship

The information found on this page includes the most current documents and information pertaining to enrolling as a Licensed or Licensed-Exempt Provider to accept the NH Child Care Scholarship. Please read through each document available in reference to your program type. 

The following documents are available to support you when enrolling in the NH Child Care Scholarship:

Need Additional Assistance?

Please contact Provider Enrollment Specialist, Marlene Burton at: [email protected] if you have further questions. 

Enrolling in the NH Child Care Scholarship Program

Step 1:

Create an Account in the NHCIS Professional Registry

You can create an account in the NHCIS Professional Registry. All License-Exempt school age facility employees must create an account as well.

For further assistance, contact Child Care Aware of NH at-1-855-393-1731 or ACROSS NH at 1-603-206-6800 if you are a school age facility.

Step 2:

Apply for a Criminal Background Check

Visit the New Hampshire State Police Criminal Records Portal  to set up a  fingerprint appointment.  The cost of the criminal background check is $28.25.  Send copy of e-mail confirmation to [email protected] .This will allow Marlene to retrieve the background check results for providers, household members, and employees.

Step 3:

Complete Health and Safety Trainings

To support LE providers in meeting health and safety requirements, a FREE web-based NH Health & Safety Training program is available on ProSolutions at: www.prosolutionstraining.com/nh.

These trainings do not include Pediatric First Aid & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). 
An in-person certification test is required. 

Step 4:

Complete Required Forms

It is critical that you complete all paperwork correctly and answer all questions.

Enrollment packets will be returned if a mandatory form is missing and/or if a form is not fully completed, correctly signed, or notarized.

Step 5:

Apply for a Vendor Number

In order to receive funds from the state of New Hampshire, outside of the state’s web-billing system, all vendors (in this case child care providers) must register for a NH State Vendor Number. This number is used as the tracking number for all checks and funds being distributed by the State to a business or sole proprietor. The process takes about 5 to 10 minutes and is simple and straight forward. Without the vendor number you will not be able to receive any of the extra funds that the Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration may offer. Every business that is doing “business” with the State of New Hampshire is required to have a vendor number – no exceptions.

Need Help Applying? Contact [email protected]

Step 6:

Receive a Monitoring Visit from the NH Child Care Licensing Unit

DHHS is required by federal law (He-C 6916 & He-C 6917) to ensure License-Exempt providers enrolled in the NH Child Care Scholarship Program are caring for children in a healthy and safe environment.

All LE providers are required to receive an annual monitoring visit from the NH Child Care Licensing Unit (CCLU). A CCLU Coordinator will contact the LE provider to set up the monitoring visit once all requirements have been completed and sent to DHHS. 

  • During the first visit, the LE provider will work together with the CCLU Coordinator to review the Monitoring Visit Checklist to be sure all items are addressed.
  • The CCLU Coordinator will clearly explain what must be corrected and what needs to be in place by the next visit, as applicable.