NH Connections Information System (NHCIS)

What is the NH Connections Information System?

All families will find resources to make informed decisions about child care services that meet their needs. NH professionals, policy makers and partners will use the system information to make data-driven decisions that improve professionalism and workforce quality to positively impact children.

NH Connections Information System Mission

To connect:

  • Families seeking care with programs that best meet their unique needs;
  • Programs and early childhood, afterschool and Head Start professionals with resources to grow professionally and meet licensing requirements;
  • Administrators and directors to an employee’s professional requirements’ status.

How does the NH Connections Information System benefit my program?

  • Marketing: Effortlessly market your program to families searching for child care, including linking them to your program’s website and social media.
  • Real-time Program Updates: Update your program information any time, such as vacancy status, open or closed status during an emergency, program rates, schedules, etc.
  • Online Applications:
    • Background checks and status updates
    • Early Childhood or Afterschool Credential
    •  Current and future funding
  • Find Professional Development Opportunities: Search for and enroll in professional development opportunities
  • Online Tracking:
    • Individual’s professional development hours
    • Technical assistance (TA), coaching, mentoring, and consulting
  • Child Care Licensing Unit: Respond to licensing visits electronically
  • Emergency Preparedness: keep informed during emergencies. Links providers to important updates and information.

How do I Create an Account?

Registration is done through a Self-Registration process. 

If you have an account in NH Professional Registry: Click on the “Reset Password” button. Use the email you used in the “old” NH Professional Registry to register in the new system as your username and click “Reset”. You will receive a verification code to that email address which will be used in registration.

If you have never had an account in the NH Professional Registry: Hit the “Register” button and follow the prompts. You will receive a verification code to that email to that email address which will be used in registration.

Need Assistance?

To request assistance with the NH Connections Information System, please visit the NHCIS Login Page and submit a support ticket, by clicking on “SUPPORT”.

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