Child Care Scholarship

How Do I Apply for Child Care Scholarship?

For paper application, click here:

New Hampshire Child Care Scholarship or Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Scholarship 
New Hampshire Child Care Scholarship is available to income eligible families.

You may be eligible for the NH Child Care Scholarship by:

  • Receiving Financial Assistance for Needy Families (FANF)
  • Being in the FANF work program
  • Working or looking for work and meet the income guidelines
  • Going to school and meet the income guidelines

The following documents are available to support you when applying for Child Care Scholarship:

How Do I Apply For Other Forms of Assistance?

Child Tax Credit (CTC)
Families with earned income who claim dependent children under age 17 on their federal tax return may qualify for a refund or credit. Most families eligible for CTC can also file for the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you cannot take the full CTC, you may be eligible for the additional child tax credit if your earned income is more than $3,000. Taxpayers with three or more children may also be eligible for additional child tax credit regardless of their income.

Military Assistance
Families with a family member serving in the military, may be eligible for financial assistance with child care.

Need Additional Assistance?

Visit or contact your local Department of Health and Human Services District office.