Recovery & Stabilization

As New Hampshire continues to address the economic and social challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Governor has announced an additional $10 million dollars in funding for child care and afterschool providers across New Hampshire. In this phase of the DHHS Child Care COVID-19 response, existing CCRSP providers may receive additional funding to address their income losses and COVID-related expenses.

The COVID-19 Child Care Assistance Supplement program is designed to:

  • Assist providers/programs in continuing to offer healthy, safe and stable services;
  • Help providers/programs to continue to recover and stabilize from the impact of the pandemic by providing funding and resources to support operational, workforce, and health and safety costs and need.

This funding applies to COVID-related expenses and income losses between March 1 and December 30, 2020 at which time all funds must be expended.

To view a PDF version of this update click here.

How much will each applicant receive?
Unlike the two previous funding formulas for CCRSP, that combined a base rate with a per child add-on this award will be need based. In the application and required worksheets, programs will be detailing their COVID-related expenses, income losses and COVID and non-COVID income to generate a snapshot of their overall funding needs along with the relief they have received to date. The CCCAS Review Team will identify an overall funding percentage that will be applied to each eligible program’s funding need after the close of the application period. All selected awardees will receive that portion of the $10-million-dollar allocation. While none of the CARES Act funding distributed through DHHS was intended to make a program “whole”, we recognize that every little bit helps.

How do I apply for these funds?
To be eligible for funding you must complete the full application packet which includes a short 8 question online application and three-part Excel spreadsheet with worksheets addressing 2019, 2020 and COVID-related 2020 expenses and income losses. The good news is you already collected much of this information for your initial CCRSP application and the Excel document is the foundation of your CCRSP Final Report due in mid-January.

The application link is listed below and the Excel worksheets are available here in your email and on the ELNH and Child Care Aware of NH (CCAoNH) websites.


The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in partnership with Early Learning New Hampshire (ELNH), announce an additional funding opportunity for child care and afterschool programs participating in the Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program (CCRSP)

CCRSP: Child Care COVID-19 Assistance Supplement (CCCAS) Funding

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2020 5:00 PM

The application period for the CCCAS has closed!

Why do I need to complete another application?
This is not only a separate funding initiative, it is based on your needs now and not the ones you had in June during the last application process. Many of us had been hopeful the effects of COVID-19, on the economy and society would be decreasing by now and that things would start to get back to normal. However, the challenges with schools, returning to work, unemployment and changing COVID-19 guidelines have continued to evolve with ramifications for all businesses. The effort you put into this application is essential for the CCCAS Review Team to gain a real picture of how New Hampshire’s child care programs are doing and what funding they need to continue operations in the current economic times, now and as we head into the winter, spring and next summer.

How can each applicant use the money?
Funds can be used for the same COVID-related expenses and income losses that applied to the previous two funding rounds for CCRSP. A detailed list is included in the instructions, and while it is not exhaustive, it will help programs better understand if they are in need and eligible for these additional funds.

What will be the participation and reporting requirements?
There will be no additional agreement or attestation required if you are awarded funding for this program. The same basic information, including enrollment and staff numbers, included in the previous invoices, will be on the CCCAS invoice. In addition, like Round Two, you will be acknowledging that all the original agreement terms apply. There will be only one Final Report required for all the CCRSP Funding Initiatives combined, including this additional one.

How do I apply?
Begin by carefully reading the instruction document attached to your email or available on the ELNH or CCAoNH website. Click here to view the instructions. Additionally, review the worksheets and the PDF version of the application. Once you have assembled all the information, complete the 3-part spreadsheets by fully entering all the required information on each worksheet. To view the 3-part spreadsheets click here and to view the multi-site additional supporting document (optional for multi-site programs only) click here. You will then complete the online application through the survey monkey website at CCRSP: CCCAS Funding Application.

Please note, any information that is not completely filled out in the above documents will cause for delay in the review process. Please complete each form in full before submission.

Submit the spreadsheet by email to and complete the online application through the survey monkey website at CCRSP: CCCAS Funding Application.

Both documents will need to be received (online application and 3-part worksheet) before the application is deemed “submitted”.

If you do not have access to Excel or have limited computer access or skills, there are alternatives available. Please refer to the application assistance information below.

How can I get assistance in completing my application?
For assistance in completing your application and worksheets, you can attend the Early Learning NH webinars. The first webinar is scheduled for Monday, October 19, from 1:00-2:30. You may register for the webinar at The schedule for the other Zoom calls, etc., related to the CCCAS will be posted on the website as well, including, at least 1:30-2:30 pm on: Thu, Oct 22, Thu Oct 29, and Thu, Nov 5. All webinar sessions will be recorded and made available on the Early Learning NH website. Other zoom calls and times will likely be added. Please pay attention to ELNH website for future dates and times.

You may also contact Early Learning NH By email: By phone: 603-226-7900.

PLEASE do not email questions to the ECCP email box or leave phone messages regarding this funding opportunity during the application phase. If you have questions regarding CCRSP Round One and Round Two funding inquiries can be directed to the and along with contacting Tori Black directly at

When will the CCCAS award decisions and notifications be made?
The CCCAS Review Team will begin doing preliminary application vetting for completeness throughout the application period. Following the close of the application period, Friday, November 6 at 5:00 PM, the CCCAS Review Team will assemble to complete their reviews and make funding award recommendations. A timeline for this review and notification will be included in the email confirming your submission and containing a copy of your online application. This confirmation will be sent within 3 business days of the receipt of your COMPLETE application packet including the online application and the 3-part Excel spreadsheet with all worksheets completed. Awards will be made after November 6th. You will receive a separate email with your award notification after that date.

CCCAS Application Documents:

*Please note that the original CCCAS Worksheet entitled “Final CCCAS Required 3 Part Worksheet” has been replaced with the newly attached “REVISED Final CCCAS Required Worksheet V2”. If you already completed your application submission with the original Worksheet you do not need to replace it. However, if you have not submitted your application yet, delete the original one and use the new one attached to this email.  Everything is the same.

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